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Chris has served as an associate in large urban ministries with over fifteen thousand people. He has also served in the senior pastor role at other churches where he implemented ground breaking ministry programs. Chris specializes in helping ministries plan for long term exponential growth - especially in the context of increasingly hostile cultures. Chris learned about the special dynamics of thriving in atheist society while serving as a missionary in Russia.  Some of his ingenious strategies and programs are described in his upcoming books. His major strength is reading the challenges of the culture, anticipating future trends, and designing programs that meet the deepest needs of people. Chris is looking for other brave Christians dedicated to help the church recover from it's current crisis and become better than at any other time in history.

Chris' life was greatly impacted by Jesus Christ, and he sincerely wants future generations to have access to the Christian life through a vibrant accessible church. He has dedicated his life to this mission. Chris and his wife Sharon currently live in Dallas, Texas with their three children and two dogs.

Over a decade ago, Chris started to experience some health challenges. The doctors were testing for a number of problems. As Chris emerged from the MRI machine, he received mixed information. He was told that he did not have a brain tumor. but he did have Multiple Sclerosis. His health declined for several years. He was concerned for his wife and young children. He also wondered what would happen to the burden of his message and mission. Through a series of miracles, God helped to restore his health. Now, Chris is again working to help the church navigate the current cultural challenges. He is confident that the current challenges faced by Christianity are not out of our control. Join with him and the mission of Sustainable Church Ministries to help Christianity embark on a new exciting era where it can truly see its best days.

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