The Sustainable Church


Forest Path



      Imagine a rancher that does not understand sustainability. He does not care for his young animals or protect them from predators. This is precisely what has happened to Christianity in recent decades. 

       Our young people are being stolen or destroyed on a massive scale without a fight. The result is that we are experiencing a very real demographic collapse. One deceptive quality of extinction is that it is hard to recognize until it's too late.

         The once innumerable American buffalo vanished in one generation despite late stage interventions. A German leader once said that even the memory of once dominant Christian families had been completely erased in his nation. They passed a demographic point of no return.

         Specifically, Sustainable Church is focusing on two main problems destroying our youth 1.) Social fragmentation of the church community as a whole which support our youth 2.) The lack of development most Christian youth receive before they enter society.



      Sustainable Church is dedicated to present solutions for the current demographic crisis facing Christianity.

      We ask Christian leaders to commit to 2 pillars of sustainability. 1.) Strengthen our relational communities  which provide the healthy ecosystem for our youth. This will probably involve a transition from the congregational church model to more of a self  supportive society 2.) Transforming every stage of youth ministry. We must reform how we train and support our young people so they can successfully raise new families that will in turn sustain the church.